Letter from the Recruitment Chair

Hi all and welcome to Tri Delta at the University of Delaware!

My name is Sammie Gagnon and I have the honor to be the Vice President of Membership Experience for the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter of Tri Delta. Deciding to join a Panhellenic Sorority was one of the best decisions of my life. It is crazy to think that only 2 years ago, I was in your shoes beginning my recruitment experience. I was filled with excitement and nerves at the thought of rushing a sorority but I never knew the amazing opportunities that I would be provided.

The support from the women involved in Greek Life at the University of Delaware is empowering. I can truly say that I would not be the leader that I am today without the support from my sisters in Tri Delta. Our chapter encourages everyone to be uniquely you which helps create genuine and long lasting friendships. The constant drive to be a better person, friend, and sister is what fuels our chapter as well as inspiring our members to be brave, bold, and kind.

Delta Love and Mine,

Sammie Gagnon

Vice President of Member Experience


brave, bold, kind