Campus Involvement

UDance is a 12 hour dance marathon at University of Delaware that students prepare for all year long. It is the largest student-run philanthropy at UD and the fifth largest dance marathon in the nation. This past year UD as a whole raised over 2 million dollars for the B+ Foundation.

The B+ Foundation was created when Joe McDonough lost his son Andrew to cancer. Some of the money raised goes toward pediatric cancer research and the rest helps families pay for medical bills, rent, electric, water, etc. 46 kids are diagnosed with cancer every school day, and although we can’t stop that from happening we can try to help lessen the amount of stress the family is under, at least by a little bit.

Tri Delta is joining the fight this year, and we are super excited to welcome Riley, our new B+ Hero, to our sisterhood. Since this is our first year with UDance, we don’t have any previous memories or experiences as a chapter but many members have participated with other teams in previous years, and are coming together to make sure Tri Delta is able to help make a difference. Our goal is to have 100% of our sisters join a UDance team so we can make the biggest impact.

We hope to start strong and have made it or goal to raise $25,000 this year. Having Riley as our sister now gives us an even bigger reason to fight against, spread awareness, and raise money for the battle against pediatric cancer. We have the job of helping her spend some time forgetting the treatment, doctors appointments and everything else to just focus on having fun and being a kid for a little bit. Everything we do for UDance is FTK (for the kids)!

- The UDance Representatives (Amanda Dingley, Serena Young, Maria Makris)

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